Identifying, Arranging and Completing the Correct Hong Kong Visa Application Forms

The Hong Kong Immigration Department have an excellent series of Hong Kong visa application forms which are available for completion on line.

The forms themselves are relatively straight forward to consider and complete, not least when you factor in the extensive guidance which accompanies the forms. Once upon a time, the Hong Kong Immigration Department were not very forthcoming in the information they provided to help people in the Hong Kong visa application s but over the last few years this has changed for the good and now they are very much more forthcoming.

However, this is not so say that the extra information they provide will definitively guide you to a successful Hong Kong visa application outcome.  The HKID still play the dual role of poacher/gamekeeper in respect of Hong Kong visa application s and it is what is left unspoken in the process which represents the source of biggest challenge for the individual Hong Kong visa application candidate.

Consequently, great care must be taken in the preparation of cases to ensure that the Hong Kong Immigration Department are provided with the information they need to conclude a positive Hong Kong visa application outcome but not ‘lifting up the skirt and showing all’ (so to speak) disclosing case vulnerabilities in the process (and every case has them).

For guidance on the offical forms and how to complete then please refer to the following links, by way of example:

Hong Kong Investment Visas

The Capital Investment Entrant Scheme

Hong Kong Employment Visa (also known as the Hong Kong Working Permit, Hong Kong Work Permit, Hong Kong Working Visa, Hong Kong Working Permit)

Hong Kong Training Visa

Hong Kong Non-Local Graduate Employment Visa (a visa issued under the Hong Kong IANG programme).

Hong Kong Travel Pass

Visitor Visa

A greater collection of links and resources on how to complete the Hong Kong visa application forms along with all the other resources needed to support an application can be found here.

The following table sets out the complete range of Hong Kong Visa application forms and what they are used for.

Form Used…

ID91 In Hong Kong change of status, change of employer, change of category and all other applications to extend a visitor or residence visa or as part of an application for Unconditional Stay
ID520 As part of a Dependant Visa application to provide details of the applicant’s and his/her sponsor’s extended family to the HKID
ID990A By an applicant to initiate an application for an Employment Visa, for admission under the immigration arrangements for non-local graduates and for the admission of mainland talents and professionals
ID990B By the sponsor to provide information to the HKID on the creditability of the proposed employer in respect of sponsoring a foreign national or mainland resident for employment in Hong Kong
ID981 By applicants for admission into Hong Kong under the Quality Migrants Admission Scheme
ID1003A By persons not afforded visa upon arrival privileges and need to apply for a visitor visa in advance of their trip to Hong Kong
ID1003B By the sponsor of an application for a visa to visit Hong Kong for those nationalities not afforded visa upon arrival privileges
ID888 Used by frequent visitors to Hong Kong seeking the benefits afforded by the Travel Pass
ROP145 To commence an application for the Right of Abode by a minimum 7 year continuous foreign national resident of Hong Kong who has taken Hong Kong as his only place of permanent residence
ROP146 To swear the declaration of having taken Hong Kong as the only place of permanent residence
ID997 To effect an application for a dependant visa for legal spouse and/or children (and the parents aged 60 or over of HKPID card holders or residents with Unconditional Stay. The applicant is to be outside of Hong Kong when the application on this form is submitted
ID992A To commence an application for a Training Visa with the options to include accompanying dependants in the same form
ID992B By an employing sponsor of a training visa applicant to reflect their sponsorship of the application
ID999A By an intending business investment visa applicant who wishes to promulgate his application prior to arrival in Hong Kong
ID999B By the sponsor of an intending business investment visa application